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EHV Declaration Form

This online form should be completed by the owner of the horse and submitted during the period of 24 hours before arrival.
Please read the following statements carefully

My horse is not currently showing any of the following symptoms:

  • Recent cough of unknown origin

  • Recent nasal discharge of unknown cause

  • Enlarged lymph notes

  • Fever (>38.5ºc)

  • Recent onset of neurological signs of unknown cause

  • Diarrhoea

The following statements are true concerning my horse:

  • My horse is not under current investigation for EHV infection

  • My horse has not been in contact with nor is kept on the same premises as a horse known to have or be under investigation for EHV

  • My horse has been resident in the UK for the last 28 days

I agree that the horse named above will have its temperature taken prior to travel and will not travel should the temperature reading be >38.5ºc

Thanks for submitting!

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